ESD-chairs is an essential tool that has to support people at work in the most suitable way. A chair connects people and their work in the ESD areas. For people, their ESD-safe Ergonomic Chair is their working place.


ESD Chair and Antistatic Stools are made entirely conductive, ensure that electrostatic charges can be safely eliminated, thus preventing damage to electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges.

Through a careful and rigorous selection of ESD manufacturers, all our ESD chairs are suitable to put in very critical ESD environments, such as the electronic, automotive and medical industry.

ESD seats are ergonomic chairs which  meet and the fulfill the requirements of the EN/IEC 61340-5-1 standard for use in ESD protected areas (EPAs).

ESD chairs are necessary for working with electronic components in the following industries:

Manufacturing: Facilities that produce electronic components.
Science & Education: Technical production facilities.
Cleanroom: Critical environment facilities.

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