Antistatic Pink Bags Open Top

Antistatic Pink Bags Open Top

For all clarity Anti static pink bags offer reduced tribocharging and some static dissipation, but no static shielding.

Static shielding bags use the antistat loaded polyethylene like the pink poly bags but the shield bag also uses a metal shield to stop the energy from the static discharge (spark) from getting to the electronic components inside the bag.

Anti static pink poly bags uses dielectric layers that reduces voltage.

Mostly used for electronic devices, mainly to package non static sensitive materials like wire, nuts and bolts, plastic housings and other production essential materials.

Anti static bags are used inside the EPA because normal packaging materials can hold a charge. When those charged materials are brought into a production area they can damage the static sensitive electronics.

Anti-static pink bags proved reduced charging characteristics, provide no static shielding for electronic components.

Antistatic pink bags are made from polyethylene plastic that is loaded with a chemical antistat. This antistat attracts moisture in the air.

The moisture collects at the surface of the bag and creates a path that drains the static to ground. This antistat chemical also makes the surface more slippery.

This polyethylene reduces the charging that occurs during rubbing and movement. (Charging due to contact and separation is called ‘tribocharging’)

Antistatic pink bags get their color from a dye in the plastic, not the anitstat.

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