Anti Static Cleaning Brushes

The ESD brushes we promote consists of low charging or anti-static brushes, conductive brushes, static dissipative brushes, insulative and cleanroom brushes.

Important is to choose the right brushes depending on the characteristics needed for your specific tasks, determine which type of brush is the best for your application.

Both Dissipative and Conductive ESD Brushes should be used in ESD safe areas in a dry environment.

Goat Hair ESD Brushes, horse hair ESD Brushes and hog bristles only can be used in ESD sensitive areas as long as the brush remains in a liquid environment.

The cleanroom brushes are all heat tolerant and autoclavable.

Our Products are Antistatic Brush, Brush Bended Handle, Brush Flat Handle,…

General applications for anti-static brushes are: Applying, Pushing, Removing, Cleaning, Spreading, or acting as a Barrier.

Specific Uses for ESD Brushes and Cleanroom Brushes Include:

  • Solder Removal
  • Dusting/Dirt Removal
  • Board Prep Board Rework
  • Lead Trimming Rework
  • Edge Connector Cleaning
  • Static Dissipation and Wiping
  • General Cleaning

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