Antistatic Heel&Toe Grounders 

Antistatic Heel & Toe Grounders include ESD-wrist-straps, ESD-field-service-kits, ESD-heel grounders and ESD-toe grounders. We carry a wide variety of personal grounding products to suit your needs. Our ESD-foot-grounders include ESD-grounders for soles, heels, toes, and shoes.

ESD Heel Grounders provide a continuous ground path between the operator and properly grounded ESD protected flooring. They are designed for use in applications where user mobility is required, such as wave solder, kitting, and quality control. Per ANSI/ESD S20.20 Paragraph, “ESD protective flooring used with approved footwear, may be used as an alternative to the wrist strap system for standing operations.” Heel grounders quickly and effectively drain the static charges that are collected by the personnel during normal everyday activities. ESD heel straps help protect your electronic assembly plant.

ESD Toe Grounders connect the person wearing them to ground via a proper floor mat or flooring material. Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user. A rugged 1 meg ohm molded resistor is standard. Heel grounders are worn on both feet to provide consistent grounding while in motion. Meet or exceed requirements of ANSI ESDS20.20.

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