Anti Static Tapes 

Application and removal of standard adhesive tapes can create very high levels of damaging electrostatic discharge, these ESD events can be minimized with the use of antistatic tape. ESD tapes can be used for PCB masking, rework soldering and the sealing of anti-static bags or other ESD packaging solutions. We also stock a range of thermal tapes, including high temperature masking tape and Kapton Tape. Clear Anti-Static Tape is designed for general applications in static-free workstations where ESD sensitive components and devices are handled. Kapton polyimide tape is produced from branded DuPont film. It provides superior, high temperature masking properties in both standard and antistatic versions.

Our highly visible, yellow floor marking tape is printed in black with the ESD caution logo and is ideal for marking EPA boundaries. The floor marking tape is self-adhesive and adheres well to synthetic and clean particle free concrete floors. The floor marking tape is laminated with a clear film to protect the print.

High temperature polyimide tape is ideal for masking printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process, as well as for solder wave masking and electrical insulation.

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