DuraStripe  Aisle Marking & Safety Striping

Floor marking is a must for safety but it should also perform in difficult situations without taking up a lot of your time. DuraStripe floor marking installs in minutes and is engineered to stand up to demanding conditions from cracked, damaged or slippery surfaces to constant foot and industrial vehicle traffic. It is tough material for your tough workplace, so go ahead, be demanding and DuraStripe can take it!

Please use the following tables to choose the type of floor marking proper for your application:

Floor Conditions

Xtreme Supreme V Mean Lean ColdStorage
New Floors Best Best Best Best
Sealed/Epoxied Best Best Best Best
Unsealed Floor OK Best Good OK
Chipped/Gouged N/R Good N/R N/R
Uneven N/R Better OK N/R
Oily OK Best OK Best
Wet OK Good OK Best
Non-Skid/Textured Possible Possible Possible N/R

Working Environments

Xtreme Supreme V Mean Lean Cold Storage
Heavy Fork Traffic Best Good Better Good
Skidding/Pivoting Best OK Better Better
Dragged/Pushed Pallets* Better Good Best Good
Freezer N/R N/R N/R Best

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