Tip Extraction

The Weller FT Zero Smog Systems put an end to air pollution caused by soldering, adhesives and laser work. In all of these
applications fumes or fine particles are released into the work place atmosphere which are hazardous to the staff exposed to them.
The Weller Zero Smog Systems’ combination of pumps, electronic controls and filters removes this hazard.
Tip Extraction
Weller FT FE soldering irons have an integral smoke tube mounted in the handle. It is positioned directly above the joint during the
soldering process to collect any fumes generated. Fume extraction irons can be connected to Weller Zero Smog Systems WFE and
WFE P bench mounted units driving up to 2 irons or Zero Smog 20T mobile unit driving up to 20 irons. Fume extraction
attachments can be retro fitted to non fume extraction Weller soldering irons.

  • Less investment per work place
  • Collect pollution direct at source
  • Up to 20 collection points with one system
  • (200 m apart)
  • Ergonomic friendly with easy access to work piece
  • No noise
  • Minimal air movement

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