Desoldering pump, also known as a solder sucker, is used to remove solder manually. A manual desoldering pump is a portable device. It renders excellent service and helps to extract the solder after it must have been heated.

For using a desoldering pump you should follow these steps:

1-The first step is to apply heat to the solder with the aid of a soldering iron. But in some cases, some desoldering pump comes along with the irons.

2-The second step is to apply pressure on the plunger by pressing it down. In case of another pump with bulb, you can squash it.

3-In the third step, once the solder is liquefied, position the head of the pump on the solder that needs to be removed.

4-The next step involves the release or discharge of the plunger or bulb; some desoldering pumps are designed in such a way that it possesses a release button, so as not to be held the whole process.

The desoldering pump is styled to access small areas and facilitates accurate printed circuit repair and cleaning.

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