Hand Held Inspection Magnifier

Hand Held Inspection Magnifier

Take advantage of the power of digital imaging with Vision Engineering’s range of digital video inspection systems. High resolution images combined with simple operation make digital inspection a powerful alternative for any task requiring precision magnification.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of innovative optical solutions, Vision Engineering has the expertise to advise you on the best solution for your application.

Digital inspection microscope provide you with a broader range of functionality, flexibility and portability, expanding your capabilities beyond the traditional optical microscope. Our digital inspection product line features high quality digital imaging & video inspection stations and microscopy illumination products. UV to IR, we cover the entire spectrum.

Cam Z Suitable for production environments, CamZ provides high resolution magnification (up to 14x) and documentation, where you want, when you want. Ergonomically positioned buttons. Capture image. Magnification. Illumination. Flip out focus and stability arm. Dual LED illumination, optimised for macro image capture. With a high resolution colour display, simple button operation and image capture/download capability, CamZ is ideal for roving inspectors, documenting faults, or for inspecting immobile subjects.

You can use CamZ for: For all sorts of roving inspection tasks,When you cannot move the subject, or it saves me from having to take the subject to QC, Your first time error definition tasks, For mobile documentation of manufacturing or assembly faults, When You just need quick, simple on-screen X,Y dimensioning.

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