Mantis Microscopes

Mantis Microscopes

Since its introduction in 1994, Mantis stereo microscope has become the accepted standard for ergonomics and high performance magnification.

The eyepiece-less optics of Mantis removes the need for the eyepieces of a traditional stereo microscope, providing users with the same ease of a use of a bench magnifier, but with much greater magnification capabilities.

Users can ever see ‘around’ the subject when they move their head side to side. Really, you need to see it to understand the WOW factor! The eyepiece-less optics of Mantis inspection microscope provides superb 3D imaging and unrivalled ergonomics, plus the users can wear glasses, if required. But businesses choose Mantis because they know its unique ergonomics make their operators more efficient, more accurate and more productive. So the operator benefits and so does the business.

Looking through a Mantis makes an entirely natural experience, just like looking through a bench magnifier, but with magnification options up to 20x (with Mantis Elite).

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