Optical Microscope SX Family

Stereo Microscopes are used in many high power or low power microscopy applications, including PCB inspection, biological analysis, or quality control. Stereo Microscopes are optical microscopes that use incident light illumination for inspection. Stereo Microscopes offer a broad range of magnification options, along with features such as zoom capability or interchangeable objectives in higher-end models. Many Stereo Microscopes also offer video adaptability for video microscopy applications.

Digital stereo zoom microscopes provide low power zoom magnification and allow viewing of a live image on the computer screen. The included microscope software allows for capture of images and making measurements. Save microscope images, email them to customers or edit the images using the microscope software. The printed circuit board shown at left was captured with a digital stereo zoom microscope.

Family of Stereo Microscopes Quality microscopes for industry and life sciences

Competitive family of microscopes with first-class performance

Precision optics deliver high resolution, flat field and high contrast images

Wide range of magnification, stand and accessory options allow easy customisation for a wide range of applications

Long-life, true colour LED illumination

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