Dispensing Machines

Dispensing systems are the world’s leading technology for dispensing dots, lines, and patterns of electronic materials such as solder paste and adhesives.

These systems dispense fluids at very accurate locations with a high level of repeat accuracy and long-term stability.

In electronics manufacturing, solder paste dispensing is often used to attach components to PCBs that have already been populated with other components.

Wida offers a wide range of dispensing systems that are capable of dispensing solder paste in a wide range of operations including production, labs and R&D, and on many surfaces, and recesses.

Essemtec and Mechatronic Systems which are among the best worldwide brands provide an extensive range of dispensers which you can choose based on their specifications;

Essemtec Mechatronic Syatems
-The most modern and accurate technology

-Easy programming and operation

-Specific solution based on environmental influence and the type of liquid

-High speed production

 -Wide range of manual and automatic precision dispenser system

-Cost effective system

-From 6000 to 25000 dots/h

-Low to medium production

Dispensing Machines Categories