Pick & Place Machines

A pick and place machine is a robotic assembly device that is used for PCB assembly. As the name indicates it picks components up and places them onto the printed circuit board.

Pick and place machines are a key element of any PCB assembly line enabling components to be automatically placed on a printed circuit board quickly and accurately.

The pick and place machine has a head on an arm which can reach all the reels, tubes, etc., picks them up and then places them on the board. Typically the head uses a small vacuum to pick the components up and then release them on the board.

The head is very accurately controlled by the software which ensure accurate positioning of the board as well as optical location, so everything is placed exactly in the right position.

Accurate positioning has great importance because some components are very small, and also track widths are very narrow.

The pick and place machines are pre-programmed with the information about component positions so that they know where to place the components. This program is normally developed directly from the printed circuit board design information.

Wida provides the best pick and place from the most technologically advanced brands which some brief features of them are as below:

Essemtec Fuji Mechatronic Systems
-Most feeders per sqm in the market place

-Highest speed placing and dispensing on single pass-through

-No vibration, symmetrical mineral casting

-Non-stop production, intelligent smart feeder

-Industry’s most innovative assembly solutions

-Highly productive and multi-functional modular

-Supports the smallest parts being used in mass production

-Linear motor movement and high resolution cameras

-Wide range of bench top and cabinet models

-Manual and automatic  Suitable for small and medium volume production with remote service via internet

-Qualified for all types of components

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