Solder Flux was specifically developed for SMT-repairs, whereas it is also recommended for manual hand soldering applications. The main components of this soldering flux are modified resins in combination with an activators system. This basis guarantees excellent soldering results.

The difficult soldering in place of SMD-components becomes an easy and fast operation due to our solder-flux. Solder-Flux is a gel-like flux, recommended for SOPs, QFPs, PLCCs etc. and for the use of hot air or soldering iron.

For lab samples, small series, model-making, or for the professional use of SMD-components with hot air pistons, hot plate, soldering iron etc. They are conveniently stored in syringes and therefore quarantee a clean and accurate usage. This soldering paste – solder flux gel can be used directly from the cartridge, no mixing is needed.

By means of soldering a non-detachable, bonded and electrically conductive connection is established. A fusible metal alloy serves as connection material. A connection of metallic components is established. The metal surfaces have to be blank and therefore devoid of oxides and soilings so that the difussion process takes place.

Kolopaste No.8 is suitable for repair soldering in SMT and for piston and bar Soldering. the large-area soldering of copper, brass and pre-tinned parts is also possible. The extremly low, halogen-free activation causes very good in-sulation behaviour of the flux residues after the soldering.

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