Cleanroom Humidity Cabinet ESDA 804

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Esd dehumidifying cabinets
Our ESDA-Series is suitable for storage under controled atmosphere.This can be achieved through a nitrogen unit or the installation of our drying unit U-4001.

Esd dehumidifying cabinets

Esd dehumidifying cabinets

A Esd Dessicant Dry Cabinet is an enclosure with a supply of desiccant which maintains an internal environment of 1-50% RH. Desiccant dry cabinets are also called: desiccators, dry boxes, dehumidifying cabinets, and ultra-low humidity storage cabinets.

Developed out of robust acrylic material, the Totech ESDA Series is engineered to achieve <3%~50%RH control. Equipped with an N2 flow meter and the series can be used to store any stock commonly used in laboratories or electronics in a nitrogen atmosphere. Transparent acrylic cabinet serves clear observation of items stored inside, such as powder, chemicals, antiques, and so on.

The combination of the two provides an extra safety.
When ordering with a drying unit a datalogger with software is included with the
In the ESDA version our cabinet is produced ESD safe. The surfaces are not chargeable.
The cabinet can be grounded through a 1M-Ohm
conductor resistor.

These cabinets are used or old models.

We offer a variety of cabinets at very low pricing.
These cabinets may have been used & might have minor scratches.
There is no warranty available on the housing of the offered cabinets.


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