Antistatic Horizontal Dividers D-7/ALF-02

Viking ESD

ESD Horizontal dividers
Dividers help to organize ALPHA cabinet internal space

ESD Horizontal dividers

ESD Additional equipment drawers Dividers help to organize drawer internal space according to specific needs.ESD Supervisor know that sensitive electronic components need to be protected not only against mechanical effects from the outside, but especially against electrostatic discharge, namely the packaging, storage and transport so Horizontal dividers are available to maximize efficiency and flexibility. For easy insertion of dividers, NDC containers feature molded-in “no guess” textured divider grid and numbered divider slots. Utilize Horizontal Dividers to increase available space for smaller size items by horizontally dividing containers.

Antistatic Horizontal dividers D-7/ALF-02, 7 horizontal 335 mm length dividers help to organize cells for different small items.

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