Antistatic Vertical Dividers D-4/ALF-02

Viking ESD

Esd Vertical Dividers
Dividers help to organize ALPHA cabinet internal space

Esd Vertical Dividers

Esd Vertical Dividers

All ESD Separators & Dividers meets all requirements for ESD shielding packaging. while providing our expertise and our innovative strength impressive proof: production and processing from single source packaging manufacturers. This also enables customized solutions for transport boxes, storage boxes, web container and constructive product-related packages.

ESD Supervisor know that sensitive electronic components need to be protected not only against mechanical effects from the outside, but especially against electrostatic discharge, namely the packaging, storage and transport.

Vertical dividers are available to maximize efficiency and flexibility. For easy insertion of dividers, our containers feature molded-in “no guess” textured divider grid and numbered divider slots.

4 vertical 240 x 290 mm dividers help to organize slots for folders and documents.

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