ESD Workbenches OSTROV

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ESD Workbenches OSTROV that are mirror-like, designed for the most effective use of workspace.

ESD Workbenches OSTROV 

ESD Workbenches OSTROV

ESD Workbenches OSTROV, ESD Workbenches products range includes a wide line of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular enterprise.

The Esd Workbench Double is designed to allow users to work together in an ergonomic, collaborative environment. The Workbench Double is comprised of our Workbench Master’s linked together with the addition of a shared upright shelf system. This workbench can accommodate a number of accessories to further increase productivity. Use multiple Workbench Doubles to divide open floor space into maximum-productivity work aisles!


Code Dimensions
SO-12-7 2 x (1200×700) mm
SO-15-7 2 x (1500×700) mm
SO-18-7 2 x (1800×700) mm

SO Workbench

Two mirror-like situated workbenches allow effective use of space. Basic configuration includes 300 mm shelves for each workplace.

Height adjustment:
655-950 mm

Load capacity:
300 kg

Temperature resistance:



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