Antistatic Mat Anti-Fatigue Complete Smooth

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Antistatic Mat Anti-Fatigue Complete Smooth
Material: Foamed polyurethane

Antistatic Mat Anti-Fatigue Complete Smooth

Antistatic Mat Anti-Fatigue Complete Smooth

-For dry working areas
-Fire retardant
-Very elastic
-Easy to clean

Upper side: Smooth
Back side: Non-slip
Standard size: 60 x 90 cm
Color: Light grey and dark grey
Guarantee: 5 years

Technical Data:
Material       Foamed polyurethane
Electrical resistance      1×10-9-5×10-9 Ohm/sq
Weight     2200g
Height     11 mm

According to scientific research, workers who stand in one position for long periods of time will particularly experience their work as fatiguing and stressful. Only the combination of flooring , quality ESD footwear and Fatigue-reducing mats will reduce fatigue that is caused by standing for long periods on hard surface.

We can applaud your decision to reduce or eliminate problems related to poor circulation, musculoskeletal troubles (MST) and prolonged standing health issues.
Having a vested interest in the welfare of your employee, you have considered to install ESD Anti-stress mats in your ESD protected area. We distinguish two types of Anti-Fatigue Mats accepted within the EPA namely Antistatic Anti-Fatigue Mat and ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat. Both types of mats are available in Nitril rubber and PU execution.
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