Stannol Electric Hammer Soldering Iron 500W 230V



Electric Hammer Soldering Iron 500W
Equipped with electrolytic copper bit, ceramic heater for extreme stressing, and wooden grip this electric hammer soldering iron is the best option for heavy soldering work such as radiators, gutters, cable- and commutator soldering. This also includes the applications with high heat requirements, thicker sheets (up to 2.5mm), and machine parts.

Electric Hammer Soldering Iron 500W

Electric Hammer Soldering Iron 500W
Mains-operated electric soldering iron series with high power for applications with high heat requirement.

Product Characteristics

•  Very stable construction
•  Classic design with wooden handle
•  High power for high heat output
•  Copper tips
•  Two model lines:
– metal heating element support in the steel case
– ceramic heating element in the grey cast iron case

Application Areas

•  Applications with high heat requirements
•  Thicker sheets (300 W up to 1.5mm / 500 W up to 2.5 mm)
•  Machine parts

Power: 500W
Voltage: 230V
Max. temp. of bit: 600oC
Bit material Copper
Warm-up time: approx. 10 min.
Weight w/o bit: 790GR
Heating element: Ceramic in grey cast iron

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