EVO Cam II – Digital Microscope

An high definition digital microscope with stunning image quality, that combines optical excellence with ease of use and efficient workflows. EVO Cam II makes image capture and documentation simpler, faster and more reliable.

  • Exceptional high resolution 1080p/60fps image quality
  • Optical magnification up to 300x
  • Stand alone, wireless or PC connectivity

Stunning images. Exceptional simplicity

EVO Cam II digital microscope delivers excellent image quality to help uncover hidden details. Optical magnification up to 300x and full auto focus ensures ultra-sharp images at all times, EVO Cam II is optimised for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation.

Leading optical performance makes EVO Cam II a supremely powerful imaging solution with a range of objective lens options to ensure stunning results for any application. Exceptional simplicity minimises training requirement, making EVO Cam II a powerful and flexible tool, ideal for multiple users and production environments.


  • Ultra-sharp image quality with full auto-focus
  • Optical magnification range 1.7x -300x
  • Maximum magnification with digital zoom 3600x
  • Fast 60 fps provides clear images without motion blur
  • Unique 360° inspection without the need to manipulate subjects under magnification
  • Simplicity to view whole samples, or the smallest detail at the touch of a button
  • Large field of view and long working distances
  • Eliminate set-up time with up to 10 presets
  • Custom overlays to aid inspection
  • Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 for fast image transfer
  • Efficient dimensioning with virtual caliper and scalable grids
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including inspection of electronics, automotive, precision engineering, medical devices and plastic parts.
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Stand Options

Stand Options

The modular design of EVO II Cam enables the user to select from a wide variety of stand options, illumination and accessories.

Multi-axis stand

  • Precise and robust, ideal for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired.
  • Integrated gas strut provides counter-balanced adjustability, making operation quick and effortless. Switch between tall components and flat samples with ease.
  • Available with platform base, or mounted directly to the work surface.

Ergo stand

  • Small footprint providing exceptional stability for high magnification use.
  • Transmitted substage illumination (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.
  • Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control, to accurate inspection of samples; ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling.

Double-arm boom stand

  • Designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability.
  • Easy adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.
  • Available with platform base, or with clamp for mounting directly to the work surface

Articulated arm stand

  • Designed for applications requiring extended reach, with ultimate flexibility.
  • Multi-point adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.

Single-arm boom stand

  • High stability boom stand, ideal for larger specimens.
  • Cost-effective stand option, complete with heavy duty platform base.

Bench stand

  • Compact unit with low-profile base and integral transmitted substage illumination.
  • Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control for accurate inspection of samples.


The modular design of EVO Cam allows tailoring for many individual application requirements.

Remote control console

In addition to convenient operation of all main functions. Remote control allows ergonomic operation preventing need to reach up to the head. Additionally it has 3 hotkey buttons for quick access to three most desired ‘Presets’.

Objective lenses

A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision detail work, or for manipulation, re-work, or assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.

Objective lenses incorporate anti-reflection coatings to enhance imaging performance and a filter thread.

Floating stage

  • A floating stage option provides smooth and precise control, ideal for inspecting fragile samples and for avoiding contamination by excessive handling.
  • For use with Ergo stand and Bench stand only.

Transmitted substage illumination

  • Transmitted substage illumination permits viewing of a wider range of sample types. Provides flexibility as transparent samples can be viewed by transmitted as well as reflected light.

360° rotating viewer

  • The ultimate inspection accessory, permitting a full 360° rotating view of the subject (at an angle of 34° from the vertical).
  • The 360° rotation provides enhanced observation for many applications, including electronics (PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms), mechanical, medical and plastics components.
  • Easily switch between 360° rotating view and a direct view for ultimate convenience.
  • Includes integrated 8-point LED ring light and objective lens .


There are a range of filters available, to enhance details within subjects not easily seen by the human eye.

UV ring light

The UV ring light is an excellent optional accessory for EVO Cam II. It is suitable for many applications ranging from electronics, aerospace and forensics.