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This is the most widely used head shape. – Fits for all cutting applications where easy access is given – It is robust and size for size offers the highest cutting capacity


Series 2400 MagicSense

  • Medium-size cutter
  • Combines robustness, visibility and accessibility
  • Large variety of head shapes for precision working in hard-to-reach areas
  • The optimized ergonomic shape of the Series 2400 MagicSense prevents hand fatigue
  • Improved induction-hardened cutting edges up to 64-65 HRc for an extremely long service life
  • Cutting edges made from special tool steel
  • Non-reflecting surface, ESD-safe and resharpenable

Erem Cutters and Tip Cutters

  • Internal patented Erem Magic Spring
    – Reduce costs by long life
    – Constant spring force
    – Guarantees more than 1 million operations
  • High precision screw joint
    – Smooth jaw action with no play
    – Smooth cutting operation with no jaw overlapping
  • Induction-hardened cutting edges in Rockwell hardness 63 – 65 HRc
    for exceptionally long life
  • EMOS maximum opening stop
    limits the cutting-edge tips from opening more than 5 mm / .197 Inch. The limited extent to which the handles can open prevent user hand fatigue.
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
    for high comfort, better grip and added safety
  • Erem cut:
    Options for semi flush, full flush or super flush cuts
Technical Data
Cut: Semi-Flush
Length: 130 mm / 5.118 Inch
Weight: 70 g / 2.47 oz.
Length of cutting edges: 12 mm / .472 Inch
Head width: 11 mm / .433 Inch
Head thickness: 6 mm / .236 Inch
Head length: 19 mm / .748 Inch
Max. cutting capability
Hard wire: Ø 0,5 mm / .019 Inch
Medium hardness: Ø 1,0 mm / .039 Inch
Copper wire: Ø 1,6 mm / .062 Inch
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