Stunning 3D stereo imaging with Lynx EVO eyepiece less stereo microscope

Lynx EVO is a high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope with unrivalled ergonomics and advanced optics for fast and accurate inspection (up to 240x magnification) for a wide range of applications.

Electronic 360 viewer video

An advanced eyepiece-less stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring stunning high-resolution 3D stereo viewing. Lynx EVO delivers outstanding optical performance with unrivalled ergonomics to power your productivity.

6x – 60x magnification (240x max.)
Superior ergonomics improves accuracy and reduces errors
Dynascope® stereo optics provide amazing 3D viewing

What makes the Mantis inspection stereo microscope so special

Mantis is a patented stereo microscope, without eyepieces and is the preferred choice for precision inspection, manipulation and rework tasks requiring magnification. To date, over 150,000 units have been installed worldwide.
Mantis is ideal for precision magnification applications, including electronics, precision engineering, plastics, ceramics, rubber, medical device, dental, aerospace, automotive, dental laboratory work, biomedical, horticultural, jewelry, art restoration, hair transplant, plus many more!

Jewellery industry

Our microscopes use for jewelers, hand engravers and stone setters,… Our instruments help you achieve your optimal working position to reduce shoulder and muscle strain, promote concentration and make your work more enjoyable.

EVO Cam digital microscope to power your productivity

EVO Cam – high performance digital microscope. With magnification up to x300, Vision Engineering EVO Cam is perfect for mechanical, electronics and life sciences applications. It is optimised for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation.