Weller WTQB 1000 Rework Station

The WTQB 1000 SMD rework system provides complete rework process steps: desoldering, pad-cleaning, positioning and soldering. Thanks to an integrated camera, even the smallest parts can be manually placed and repaired with highest precision.

Weller® Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning

Above is an informative video on how to clean your soldering tip from leading brand in professional-quality soldering equipment since 1945. In addition to its famous irons and soldering guns, Weller® is also recognized as a leader in advanced electronic rework and repair equipment and irons for sophisticated industrial applications, as well as numerous products for diyers and hobbyists.

WRK Weller Reflow Set

The extensive soldering set WRK for SMD construction units with external hot-air. As accessories for the repair station WR 3M.

Automatic solder feeder by Weller

WTSF 80 / WTSF 120 / WXSF 120
With the new selection of single-handed solder wire feeder units, Weller is streaming the art of soldering.
– Efficent one-hand
– Precise solder-feeding system for highest of soldering quality
– Amount of solder can be pre-set for effective soldering
– Several puls and timer modi to control the method of delivery of solder that reaches the soldering tip

Weller WQB 4000SOPS Rework station

The WQB4000SOPS (Split Optic Positioning System) is the third generation of the Weller BGA/SMT repair system. It is engineered to meet the exceptional demands placed on modern rework tools and is designed to deliver real value for your investment.
It is a comprehensive, user-friendly system for the removal and soldering of BGA components, without the risk of thermal damage to the component or circuit board.

Weller 3 heating technologies

Introducing Weller’s 3 heating technologies to gain best soldering results and reduce running costs.

Weller WD1002T Soldering Station

Weller WX 2 Soldering Station

Innovative operation concept, Robust touch screen with ESD safe glas, Intuitive use with turn-click-wheel with enter key and finger guide, Blue LED backlighting, Multilingual menu navigation, High functionality, No safety rest with Stop & Go function needed thanks to integrated acceleration sensor, Optimized precision, better stability by sensor in the soldering iron, Specific parameterization of tool by storgage medium in hand piec, Visual process control via blue LED ring light,All WX tools connectable

Weller WR 3M Trailer

The versatile repair station is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of professional repairs to latest technology electronic sub-assemblies in industrial production engineering and in the repair and laboratory fields.

Weller WX 2 Preproduction

Weller WXD 2 – 2Channel Soldering & Desoldering Station

WXD2 feature:
Soldering and Desoldering Stations
Cost effective because only one station is needed
Less rework by optimal use of tools and the
correct working temperature. Reduction of
running costs by longer tip lifetime.
Desoldering iron with stand-by mode
ESD safe
For operation with external compressed air


WFE fume extraction unit 230 V / 50 Hz
Maintenance free compressed air converter
For industrial long term use
Up to 2 FE soldering irons can be connected
High stability against overturning

A compressed air cleaning filter removes additional odours caused by the compressed air.

Weller Tip Activator

The Weller Tip Activator for regeneration of oxidzed tips works fast and easy with low temperature. The Tip Activator is environmentally safe and contains no halides, lead, rosin or residue.

Weller WSD 81i Soldering Station

The Weller WSD 81i 80W soldering stations are a smart, easy to use and efficient digital power unit designed with extra in-built functionality to allow presets to be made without the need of a separate calibration box. These cost efficient stations feature a PUB 81i power supply and a WSP 80, 80W temperature controlled soldering iron with a KH 18 stand.

Weller WXR 3 Rework Station

The WXR 3 is a 230V 420W Euro/UK plug Rework Station Power Unit for use with soldering, desoldering and hot air, benchtop controller capability, automatic tool recognition and power management, compatible with all WX tools, storage medium in hand piece, blue LED backlighting, multilingual menu navigation.

Why fume extraction?

It may seem less expensive to skip on costly fume extraction systems but fumes (as well as dust particles) are, if inhaled, hazardous to human health. Continuous exposure can cause serious respiratory diseases to your employees. Ensuring you have a well maintained fume extraction system in place will:
-Help protect employees and their health
-Reduce contamination of surfaces as well as the machines you service, produce or work on
-Avoid the worry and stress of health compensation claims being
made by staff for inadequate protection
-Provide a safer, better working environment for everyone

Weller Image

Dry and wet cleaning WSR safety rest with 180° rotation

The soldering iron holder can be lifted and turned through 180° allowing the user to choose between sponge or dry cleaner.

WTP90WXP90 Tip exchange during working process

Tip exchange of WTP90 and WXP90 iron during working working process with hot tip – be more efficient and save costs.