Equipping ESD Area and Cleanroom

Equipping ESD Area and Cleanroom

ESD Flooring provides anti-static and anti-fatigue protection for personnel, equipment, and products in order to prevent ESD charge damages.

A floor provides a method of connecting a person to ground while they are standing and walking, as well as carts or other mobile equipment.

various types of flooring can be used such as ESD Epoxy Flooring, ESD Puzzle Flooring and ESD Vinyl Flooring.

Another essential thing for preventing ESD damage is using ESD furniture.

We offer a wide range of workplace ESD furniture which provides ergonomic working area for any company.

We at WIDA had executed several flooring and furnishing projects on equipping ESD Area and Cleanroom which you can see some of their pictures here.

We are ready to take the turn key projects for your ESD jobs.

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