ESD earth bonding plugs

ESD earth bonding plugs (EBP) also known as grounding plugs are designed as a safe and easy way to create an effective ESD grounding point for ESD products and ESD test equipment within an ESD protected area (EPA).

Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plug is designed to provide a safe effective and easy to use earthing point in an ESD protected area (EPA). The plug fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the earth conductor only. In place of the live and neutral pins are moulded insulating plastic pins to allow positive location in the socket. Connectors on the front of the plug are available for connection via ground cords to the various elements of the EPA. Thus each element is held at a common potential.

The normal earth contact is linked via individual 1 MΩ resistor rated at 1/2 W. In the event of a workstation element becoming live the resistor will limit the fault current to less than 0.3 mA at 24 0V, and is capable of withstanding 500 VDC for 6 minutes.

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