Technical & ESD Furniture

Today VIKING brand offers a wide range of different workplaces, technical and ESD furniture and antistatic equipment.
We design and produce VIKING furniture as reliable, durable, ergonomic and easy to assemble products.

VIKING furniture provides ergonomic working area for any company and is distinguished by:

– Wide range of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular employee

– Adjustment, layout and customization according to clients’ specific needs

– Possibility of modernization and refitting after the purchase

– Strict compliance with the international antistatic standard IEC 61340

VIKING technical furniture product range includes workbenches of different types, drawer units, equipment trolleys, carts and shelving, storage and wardrobe cabinets, ESD chairs and other ESD equipment and accessories. Most furniture units are offered in two versions – antistatic (ESD-protected) and technical ones.

Before buying or implementing ESD safe products one needs implementing an ESD safe procedure according to the ESD standards IEC 61340 or ANSI S2020 which is the foundation of ESD preventive, protective work and a greater guarantee of quality assurance.

ESD Furniture Categories