ESD Clothing

The ESD risk provided by everyday clothing cannot be easily assessed. Garments shield external objects from electrostatic discharge, which is generated on internal garments and human body by friction. Garments: labcoats, costumes and shortcut labcoats offer ESD protection using the principle of the Faraday cage shielding ESD from electrostatic charges on operator’s clothing. ESD garments are necessary for anyone working with sensitive electronics.

Garments with ground cords can be used as a primary grounding path for personnel. The carbon web of the garment ensures even dissipation across the garment’s entire surface, greatly reducing the likelihood of damage from ESD or concentrated fields.  Static shielding garments do not, however, ground the operator or garment.

ESD garments, also commonly known as ESD smocks, ESD lab coats or ESD jackets, are designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging and offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user’s body. Garments are worn where ever static damage is a concern. Garments are constructed out of polyester or cotton (or a blend of both) impregnated with a grid of woven conductive fibers.  The grid creates a “Faraday Cage” effect around the body of the operator that shields charges generated from the operators clothing from damaging ESD sensitive devices .

ESD Clothing Categories