Antistatic Sandals

Upstanding activities in laboratoies, electronic, semiconductor production or the use of nano-technologies requires that ESD-sandals and ESD-clogs meet the professional ESD standard from 105 to 3.4 x 107 ohm in accordance with DIN EN ISO 61340.

All ESD-clogs and ESD-sandals are tested by the TÜV and are available with a flexible ESD-soft-footbed or with a cushioning ESD-cork-footbed.

Reliable protection against electrostatic discharge in professions in ESD environments is guaranteed when wearing our antistatic ESD sandals and clogs.

Shoes with a guaranteed low electrical resistance divert the electrostatic charge in a controlled manner. This prevents the accumulation of an excessively high charge (and an uncontrolled and intense discharge). The wearer must be working on a grounded surface in order to facilitate discharge via the shoe.

Depending on your work situation, you will need shoes with a certain resistance. Bata Industrials offers shoes with two types of electrical resistance: Anti-static and ESD.

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