Antistatic shoes

The men’s and women’s Antistatic shoes in this category are designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage and to reduce the danger of ignition or explosion of hazardous materials caused by the build up and release of static electricity.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) footwear is a necessity for those who work with computer equipment and other advanced circuity on a daily basis, or individuals who face continual exposure to substances senstitive to uncontrolled electrostatic discharge where a fire or an explosion is likely.

ESD (ElectroStatic Dissipative) shoes have an electrical resistance between 0.1 and 100 (MΩ), measured according to BS EN 61340-4-3: 2002 (IEC 61340-4-3:2001). ESD shoes are thus guaranteed to have an extremely low electrical resistance under any conditions in order to prevent a strong, uncontrolled electrostatic charge.

Electrical resistance is an important characteristic of safety shoes. There are two elements that are also relevant when it comes to making the right choice:

  • How well the shoe is able to prevent electrostatic charging by diverting this quickly.
  • How well the shoe is able to offer protection from electrical shocks.

If you work with electricity, you can be exposed to voltage. Your shoes must have an electrical resistance that prevents too much electricity from passing through your body.

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