Antistatic Additional Equipment Drawers

ESD Additional equipment drawers Dividers help to organize drawer internal space according to specific needs.One can modify the space to many cells according to the number and dimensions of items needed to store: instruments, PCBs, mounting elements or other items.

ESD Dividers & Separators consist of two types of conductive and shielding materials namely ESD shielding conductive carton as well as black PP low-resistance Conductive polypropylene.
ESD Supervisor know that sensitive electronic components need to be protected not only against mechanical effects from the outside, but especially against electrostatic discharge, namely the packaging, storage and transport.
All ESD Separators & Dividers meets all requirements for ESD shielding packaging. while providing our expertise and our innovative strength impressive proof: production and processing from single source packaging manufacturers. This also enables customized solutions for transport boxes, storage boxes, web container and constructive product-related packages.

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