ESD Flooring

When a person walks across a floor the static charge is generated due to the friction between the sole of his shoes and the surface of the floor. Static charges accumulate on the body and will be discharged to the first object that the person touches. This is called electrostatic discharge (ESD).

In the workplace almost all of the electrostatic discharge (ESD) happens when people carrying the electrostatic charges on their bodies touching an electronic device. The other factors include the relative humidity, the rate of particles in the atmosphere, etc.

However, the reason the electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a problem is that in our daily lives one can only perceive this discharge only once the volt is at least 3500 volts, but the electronics components are sometimes so sensitive that can be damaged and the compromised data can be lost or destroyed by a static discharge as low as 20 volts well below the human perception.

Therefore, a static protective floor or a combination of ESD floor and ESD footwear are the base of any effective static control program performing the following two functions:

  1. Provides a traceable path to the ground
  2. Prevents static from generating on people as they walk

We at WIDA are ready to take the turn key projects for your ESD Flooring jobs. This includes the supply, delivery and installation of Interlocking Puzzle, Vinyl and Epoxied ESD Flooring options. This can be accomplished based on your application from Conductive Flooring to Dissipative Flooring.

ESD Flooring

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