Filter classes and recommended applications;

1. Fine dust filter

For standard applications with a small amount of flux and pollution gases with high solid content, Weller offers filter classes M 5 or F 7.

2. Compact filter consisting of:

EPA filter

Filter particles up to 0,3 µm. Weller offers EPA (Efficiency Particulate Air) filters of class E 12, medium filtration efficiency 99,5%.

Wide band gas filter

Wide band gas filter for cleaning harmful fumes and vapours. The Weller wide gas filter consists of 50% active carbon and 50% Puratex. Harmful gases with a high molecular weight are cleaned by the active carbon Puratex is suitable for absorbing gases of lower molecular weight. Because of its composition, Puratex is able to convert a large number of chemical pollutants by means of molecular modification into non-polluting gases.

3. Gas filter (option)

The gas filter is used for extracting adhesive fumes and solvents. Experience has shown that filtering suspended particles is not so vital in this respect. The gas filter is filled with 50% active carbon and 50% Puratex. The EPA E 12 is omitted.

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