Welding Fume Extraction

Welding fumes cause health problems and negatively affect production. The result is reduced capacity, reoccurring disturbances and eventually decreased profit. Not only are welders at risk in unsafe environments, the production equipment, as well as end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures. Automated welding equipment such as robots – and the operators – can be subject to residual welding fumes and also need to be protected. Good safety and health is good business.

The fumex weld-fume filter MF is a handy tool for temporary worksites.The mobile filter MF offers a high level of filtration and high extraction capacity. It is equipped with a gas spring balanced.extraction arm (PR), 2 alt. 3 meters long.

The smoth  inside of the extraction arm helps reduce the risk of ducts being blocked. All necessary adjustments can easily be taken care of from the outside. Carbon filter cartridges for gas-mixed air are available on request. The filter is easily maneuverable due to four pivot wheels.

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