Soldering Grease

Stannol Soldering Grease is an emulsion of a soldering concentrate in mineral greases for general soldering. This pasty flux is conforming to type 3.1.1.C according to ISO 9454-1 (DIN EN 29454-1). Suitable for tin-plate, leaded sheet and for tinning copper and brass.

Application The surfaces to be soldered must be clean and free of oxides. If the surface is corroded, remove mechanically. Apply a thin layer of Soldering Paste and heat it up with a suitable device, e.g. soldering iron, and add some solder, which melts and spreads to form the solder joint. The minimum soldering temperature should be 50°C higher than the melting point (range) of the solder alloy. After soldering the flux residues should be removed.

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