Erem manufacture a wide range of tweezers.

Erem manufacture a wide range of precision tweezers. The combination of expert manufacture, symmetry and balance give Erem tweezers their renowned reputation for precision and the highest quality.

  • Pointed tips for precision work
  • Ergonomically shaped handles prevent hand fatigue
  • Large selection of matching SMD tweezers and cutting tweezers for individual applications

The range also covers tweezers made from hardened steel, stainless steel, non-magnetic acid resistant stainless steel, titanium, brass, nickel silver and nickel-plated tweezers. Tweezer tips can be serrated or smooth metal, or made from synthetic ESD safe material to prevent damage to fragile surfaces. In addition to SMD and stripping tweezers, the range includes special gripping tweezers, which enable particularly fine wires or insulated optical fibres to be held and manipulated. Erem can make to order tweezers for specialized applications. The combination of precision manufactured, symmetrical tips and perfect balance make Erem tweezers outstanding high-precision tools of the highest quality.


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