Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering is a precise and cost effective way to solder through-hole technology. It uses flux and mini wave technology to apply a precise amount of flux and solder to select through hole components termination on a printed circuit board(PCB) .

Selective soldering acts on the underside of the board without affecting anything on the top. A board is positioned in a frame, and all subsequent operations occur automatically according to the process control system programmed in advance for that board.

Its process soldering process includes:

  1. All selective areas are fluxed first
  2. All areas are then preheated to activate the flux
  3. Each joint is soldered one at a time according to the program

selective soldering allows a manufacturer to solder through-hole pins and work around delicate SMT packages by targeting specific areas on the board. This promotes repeatability – and therefore fewer defects, increased throughput, and overall cost reduction.

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