Test and measurement equipment is used across different fields and for various purpose.Without test and measurement, forward progress would not be possible in any research.

Electronic equipment can develop failures, or it may not work properly. In order to discover where the problem is located, it is necessary to use various forms of test equipment. The biggest recent advancement in test equipment is inclusion of digitization of signals and computer analysis capabilities. Many instruments now have internal PC platforms that operate the instrument and perform the necessary calculations to process the measurement data and deliver detailed displays and reports to the user.

There are many different forms of test instrument that can be used to test electronic equipment. Typical measuring instruments that are commonly used in electronics project design are oscilloscope, digital meters, spectrum analyzers, function generator, DC electronic load and DC power supply.

Test reliability and validity are two technical properties of a test that indicate the quality and usefulness of the test and measurement. This two are the most important features of a test. GW INSTEK  is the leading supplier of test and measurement equipment for the education, research, industry and defense. Take the advantage of GW INSTEK accuracy and precision and decrease the risk of unreliability.

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