A DC power supply provides a constant DC voltage to its load. A DC power supply may be powered from a DC source or from an AC source.

There are programmable and non-programmable power supplies. The programmable ones often used as a part of a computer-operated system for testing. A programmable power supply’s output voltage can be programmed by the user and you can set the voltage to any value between zero and the maximum rated voltage and change it whenever it was needed. A non-programmable power supply has a fixed output voltage. It means that when the power supply is plugged in and the output is on, the output voltage is a single voltage so it is fixed at that voltage.

GW INSTEK offers programmable and non- programmable ones with single or multiple channels. It is suitable for the requirements of Electronic Assembly Testing, Education, Component Testing, Wireless Product Testing, Burn-in, Battery-Power Product Testing Automotive, Aerospace industries and so on.

DC Power Supply Categories