Oscilloscope is one of the most useful test instruments used for electronic equipment, manufacture, test and measurement, service and repair. It enables wave forms to be seen in a graph and are useful for looking at very fast changes in voltage over time. In this way it is very much easier to see any changes or problems occurring over time.
Today the most common in use one is digital storage oscilloscope which provides a large number of advantages that are:

• Storage
(Stores a digital copy of wave form in the digital memory)
• Accuracy and function
(the trace in digital oscilloscope are bright and highly defined)
• Flexibility
(the displayed trace on the flat plane could be magnified and we can change the brightness or …)

Also a good digital storage model helps you save money and time on your projects.
In order to avoid ESD damage to oscilloscope or other electronic devices, it is better to use ESD equipment specially ESD furniture. Also ESD bags can be helpful.

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