KOKI Lead Free Solder Paste S1XBIG58 (SAC305 Profile)


KOKI Reflow Solder Paste SAC305 profile applicable halogen free low Ag

S1XBIG58-M500-4 Sn 1.1Ag 0.7Cu 1.8Bi + Ni

Achieved joint reliability superior to SAC305

The only difference from SAC305 is “low cost”

A very small amount of two modifying elements Bi and Ni are added. Different effects from these elements achieved strong and easy-to-use low Ag solder that is equivalent to or superior to SAC305, such as the melting point, thermal resistance, and time-dependent change in crystal structures.Click here for the mechanism of hybrid reinforcement.

Maintains thermal-fatigue resistance for a long time

IMCs containing Ni (yellow points in the diagram on the right) finely disperse among Sn crystals and prevents growth of Sn crystals due to thermal shocks. Therefore, S1XBIG/S01XBIG makes a clear distinction from SAC305 also for its “long-lasting robustness” not just temporary withstandability.

Reflow profile of SAC305 applicable

The melting point of S1XBIG is 211-223oC. By adding KOKI’s newly developed flux into the mix, the temperature profile of SAC305 has become applicable to S1XBIG. S1XBIG is flexible solder paste which is low in Ag yet has workability as high as conventional products.

Product Performance Table

Product Name S1XBIG58-M500-4 Product Category Solder Paste
Flux Type ROL0 (IPC J-STD-004B) Melting Point(℃) 211-223
Particle Size(μm) 20-38 Viscosity(Pa.s) 220
Flux Content(%) 11.2 Halide content(%) 0
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