KOKI Leaded Solder Paste SE


Leaded Solder Paste

KOKI Leaded Solder Paste No Clean

SE Series 

  • Uses carefully classified solder powder with uniform particle size
  • Superior workability, solderability and electrical reliability
  • Applicable for super fine pitch SMT

Product code definition

Particle size definition

Code 48 58
Particle size (µm) 20 – 45 20 – 38

Alloy code definition

Code Address Term Alloy Composition (%) Melting Point (C°) 
SE Eutectic Sn 37Pb 183

SE48-M956-2 Outstanding continual and intermittent print-ability even with fine pitch pattern (0.4mm pitch, o.25mm∅) applications

Product Performance

Performance of SE48-M956-2


Sharp Print Definition


Excellent wetting

Voiding property (PwTr)

Conventional                  SE48-M956-2

Product Specification

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