KOKI Solder Paste For Storage At Room Temperature


Solder paste for storage at room temperature

S3X48-M406ECO  Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu

6-month shelf life at 25℃, inhibiting metallic salts.

New technology for room temperature storage

Chemical reactions between solder powders and flux occurring in solder paste at room temperature are minimized, which effectively eliminates issues such as thickening and enables long-term storage at room temperature.

■ Behavior of flux chemicals in storage

Maintains viscosity in harsh temperature conditions

■ Viscosity variation after storage at 40℃ for 6 months

Improves workability and avoids quality changes during transportation

Room temperature storage eliminates concerns such as “quality change in continual use”, “wait period after taking out of the refrigerator”, and “degradation for forgetting to put into a refrigerator”. Significant improvement in production efficiency and higher cost benefits by reducing waste amount can be achieved.

Product Performance Table

Product Name S3X58-M406ECO / S3X48-M406ECO Product Category Solder Paste
Flux Type ROL0 (IPC J-STD-004) Melting Point(℃) 217-219
Particle Size(μm) 20-38 / 20-45 Viscosity(Pa.s) 210
Flux Content(%) 11.5 Halide content(%) 0
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