Stannol Solder Bar SN40PB60


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Stannol Solder Bar
PB60SN40 composition is suitable for building plumbing, soldering on copper and zinc gutters and pipes, soldering of refined zinc and alloyed zinc and dip tinning.

Stannol Solder Bar 

Stannol Solder Bar

While eutectic or almost eutectic alloys, i.e. alloys with a defined melting point or a small melting range are desired in electronics, there are other application areas where a larger melting range or particularly high melting temperatures are desired.  The solder is plastic and not liquid within the melting range. This helps for soldering at vertical places or if the solder in the plastic phase should be formed or modelled.

Our Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder wire and solder bar possesses the melting point of about 183-188 degrees Celsius. Its soldering performance is stable. Our company combines many years of practical experience in the production of solder bars with the latest technology and select high purity tin alloy as the raw material.

This Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder wire and solder bar is effectively doped with a sufficient amount of antioxidant, thus providing stable quality, strong light resistance, and very little solder splash.

The alloy of solder wire and solder bar comprises the 40% tin content and the 60% lead content Applications The

Uses Our Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder wire and solder bar is not only applicable for electrical products, but also used in stainless steel goods, automotive printed circuit boards, fans, and electric wire. This type of product is especially Suitable for the manual soldering, component installation, surface mount technology, and the repair welding Process.



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