Slide MDO-2000E Series One Oscilloscopes, Two Domains Meet your signal analysis requirements on both domain and frequency domain Slide MFG-2000 Series,Multi-Channel Signal Output Satisfy Your Diversified Signal Requirements Automotive Electronic Waveforms

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Test and measurement equipment is used across different fields and for various purpose.Without test and measurement, forward progress would not be possible in any research.

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Oscilloscope is one of the most useful test instruments. It enables wave forms to be seen in a graph and are useful for looking at very fast changes in voltage over time.the most common in use oscilloscope is digital storage oscilloscope and their flexibility, storage, and their accuracy are superior.

Test and Measurement Equipment

Digital meters are the new generation of electricity meters, that displays the reading in digits on a LED or LCD screen. It also shows the units of measurements such as ‘V’, ‘mV’ or ‘Ω’.  We offer various kind of digital meters like Multimeters, LCR meter, mili-ohm meters, and AC power meter with different usages.