Antistatic Safe Gloves

Sometimes it is recommended to take additional ESD measures to avoid ESD damage.
It is not inconceivable that you should wear ESD gloves or anti static finger cots.

In various sectors such as Photonics, Semiconductor, Electronic contract manufacturing, medical equipment, Cleanroom, Electronics manufacturing, semiconductor facilities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, where ESD safely work should be performed we often see the use of ESD Finger Cots, Nitrile Finger Cots, Static Dissipative Finger Cots, ESD Gloves, ESD powder free gloves, ESD Nitrile Gloves, etc.

Working in electronics involves handling delicate, sensitive parts such as films, electronic instruments, circuit boards and components. Static builds up on the parts while working, which in turn attracts dust.

Another issue is the need to prevent contamination of the materials being handled. Even when static charge has been eliminated, natural oils from your hands will continue to attract dust. It is imperative to prevent this from happening.

ESD gloves for this application must prevent contamination, increase grip, and eliminate static. In some cases, minor cut protection is needed as well. Have a look at our many offerings to find exactly what you need.

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