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ESD Workbenches are designed and built to high specifications, ESD Safe Equipment worktables and other products are used in a wide variety of technical and manufacturing environments, including Industrial, Government, Medical, Commercial and Military.

Components or assemblies at risk from electrostatic dissipation (ESD) are among those construction elements which can be destroyed or damaged by charges or discharges of static electricity if the permitted levels of current or impact energy are exceeded. As a rule, these are always semi-conducting components and most are also thick- and thin-film construction elements. This type of construction element is mostly damaged through human mishandling. A human-being can charge several thousands of volts just by walking. A discharge can be felt by human beings from approximately 2000-3000 V, a current which is already well above the ‘tolerance level’ of many ESD components.

Implementing an ESD safe procedure according to the ESD standards IEC 61340 or ANSI S2020 is the foundation before buying or implementing ESD products such as ESD ChairsESD Clothing, ESD Flooring, ESD Bags, ESD Personal Grounding, ESD Shoes, ESD Storage, ESD Test & Measuring and ESD Workbenches .

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