Anti Static Bins

Anti-static ESD-safe storage solutions like Anti Static bins provide effective anti-static protection for sensitive equipment. Anything that contains electronic components you need to use ESD solutions to store products, spare parts, tools and much more. ESD Storage cabinets are vertically stackable.

Our ESD-storage products are including ESD Storage Bins, ESD Accessories, ESD Toolboxes, ESD Cabinets, ESD Boxes and ESD storage systems.
Our ESD Storage solutions comply with both the EN 61340-5-1 standard and all other international requirements.

All ESD bins and ESD safe suitcases we have in stock are manufactued from ESD safe materials. Their anti static properties last forever.

Inset bins are also avaiable in a ESD safe version. This also goes for our foamplates, wich are used to safely transport circuitboards and fragile parts in our transport suitcases.

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