Erem a Swiss manufacturer offers a complete range of high grade ESD hand tools, and is internationally known for its tweezers with high degree of sensitivity, intelligent detailed and ergonomically shaped handle cutters and precise and reliable pliers.

Erem tweezers are made of different materials like hardened steel, stainless steel, or titanium that made them specific for particular applications. Also tweezers tips can be serrated or smooth metal or made from ESD safe materials.

In addition Erem offers a series of ergonomic tweezers to reduce hand fatigue and risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Erem pliers and cutters have magic spring system which is unique and provides a constant closing and re-opening. It is highly reliable, easy to use, reduces hand fatigue, and cost effective thanks to its life long.

The joint system gives a smooth actions and make them suitable to work with sensitive component with no damage.

These steel tools are made using Swiss processing techniques to give additional strength and long life time.

Further advantages are that there are variety of head shapes, ergonomically shaped handle, comfortable and ESD safe.

WIDA as Erem’s sole distributor in the Middle East provides you with its full range of tweezers, cutters and pliers.

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